Tuesday, 9 March 2010

a very merry un-birthday

A collaboration this weekend by Oliver and Cyan to make a birthday card for their Auntie, who is just as much of a Disney fan as they are. Alice in Wonderland is definitely flavour of the month with them, coincidentally as Tim Burton’s was released here last week – really looking forward to seeing that by the way.

Cyan’s obvious choice was to draw Alice – she loves to draw the Disney heroines – using all the right colours and adding all the little details. Oliver decided immediately to draw “one of the purple and gold honking ducks”. I could vaguely remember some honking ducks from the film, anyway he drew one and of course it is just like those which are actually in the film. He also did the lettering in alternating purple and gold because it is the duck honking “Happy Birthday!” apparently. They used a combination of pencil, felt-tips, metallic markers and metallic gel-pens.

We then cut out their drawings and mounted them onto a light green card, and Cyan added the little fabric flowers with coloured seed beads for the centres. I like the way she used a different colour of beads for each little group of flowers – I would have done them random – but her way looks nicer. We use Stickles glitter glue to stick the flowers and beads which really works a treat.

(Oliver is 6 and Cyan is 4.)


  1. I wanna track down the film just for the honking ducks now! Oli's drawing is really coming along, and yes, the shoes are brilliant! (not sure bout the crosses for hands though?)

  2. Cyan's people always have three fingers; she's getting proportions right now tho, I'm sure the extra digits will come in time...

  3. Oh wow! This is Awesome! LOVE it!!
    Oliver and Cyan did a wonderful job!
    Thanks for joining us at Oh Alice!!


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