Tuesday, 27 April 2010

a real un-birthday card

Cyan announced this morning that she wanted to make a birthday card for Oliver, and wasn’t deterred when I reminded her that his birthday isn’t for another four months yet! So off she went and made him a card. She drew a picture of one of Oli’s favourite cuddly toys – a fish beanie; and a striped cat on the other side! She is so amazing at drawing, with so much accuracy and detail – for a four year old! She did the writing too – she can do “To” and “love Cyan” all by herself (I knew all that practice writing all their own cards for birthdays, Christmas etc. would be worthwhile!); Karl helped her with the spelling of “Oliver” so she could write it.

When she was finished colouring it she said she would go and put it up in Oli’s bedroom ready for him when he got home from school. When I went up later to take a peek, it was on his pile of cushions along with the inspirational fish!
How sweet is she?!

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