Saturday, 5 June 2010

mad as a hatter? all the best people are!

Mad Hatter top hat, In this style 10/6

Here are Oliver’s Mad Hatter accessories. So, have I gone completely mad? bonkers? off my head? Probably, but I’ll let you into a secret – all the best people are! Well – we are going to a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, at Anthony House, the location where Tim Burton’s new Alice in Wonderland movie was filmed!

1. the hat
I managed to get hold of the official Disney hat (not available in UK but I got it off ebay). It is adult size – massive on Oli but if you look at the original Tenniel illustrations his Hatter has a massive hat – so I don’t mind, and Oli finds the size amusing! It had a strange printed vinyl price tag and feather though so they had to go – replaced with a real peacock feather and a ‘proper’ hand-written (by me) price tag with the ‘proper’ legend: In this style 10/6 (Johnny Depp just has 10/6 in the film).

Mad Hatter top hat with peacock feather Mad Hatter top hat, In this style 10/6

2. the cotton reel ammo belt and other trimmings
When we saw the new Alice in Wonderland movie I could not get over Johnny Depp’s Mad attire! Especially the ‘ammo belt’ made from cotton reels! When we decided Oli was going to be the Hatter I knew I'd have to replicate this. I bought some vintage wooden cotton reels off ebay, and strung them together with some black & white waxed cotton cord to make the ammo belt, I think it looks awesome! Johnny Depp also has this cascade of ribbons and trims in his jacket pocket, so I made one with a choice selection of ribbons and trims knotted on a nappy pin. A spotty silk scarf bow-tie completes Oli’s Mad Hatter accessories.

Mad Hatter costume accessories

Mad Hatter accessories Mad Hatter accessories
Mad Hatter accessories Mad Hatter accessories

Notice Oli’s dalek badges which I bought from DAMEcreations on Etsy, they reference an episode in the new series of Doctor Who when a dalek actually says “Would you care for some tea?”! Oliver is obsessed with Doctor Who and daleks so I thought it would be cool to add his badges here which go nicely with the whole Mad Tea Party thing!

Just look at all these lovely ribbons and trims!

Mad Hatter ribbons

Oliver as the Mad HatterI will post photos of Cyan in her Alice dress and pinny and Oli as the Mad Hatter tomorrow – the kids will be getting dressed up for a friend’s Alice themed birthday party tomorrow. We will probably go to the Tea Party at Anthony House in a couple of weekend’s time.

Edit: see the photos here ..

My creative high continues ..


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  1. I sooooooooooo can't wait to see him in this!! It looks way too cool...


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