Saturday, 10 July 2010

mini notebooks ~ fun in the sun crafty ribbons

mini beach ribbon notebook

I made these little notebooks for my second part of the Crafty Ribbons Fun in the Sun challenge, using various Fun in the Sun ribbons along with some other ribbons from my stash to cover the fronts of these little notebooks. I was going to make a couple of different ones.. I got a bit carried away working out cute ribbon combos and ended up making five!

goldfish ribbon notebook

sailor ribbon notebook

pink ladybird ribbon notebook

ice cream ribbon notebook

The first was made to match the mini beach bag I made..

mini beach bag and ribbon notebook

mini beach bag and ribbon notebook

I made these books from mixed pastel coloured printer paper, with covers from offcuts of cardstock. I stitched them on my sewing machine to bind them. I also ran the inner pages through the machine with no thread first – to perforate the sheets – this means pages can be torn out if required. My inspiration for these notebooks came from Camille over at the Mother*Lode who made some cute little books for her kids to doodle in.

notebook with perforated pages

As an afterthought I added some really cute little 3D sticker embellishments and little puffy gingham hearts from my stash, which coordinated perfectly with all the ribbons. I used Mod Podge to stick the ribbons and embellishments, on reflection it was maybe not the best thing to stick the ribbons, but I just bought it recently and have been dying to try it out on something!

Oliver has been drooling over these today as I was finishing them off – so I have promised to make up some more for him and Cyan in a larger size which they can use for doodle pads.. Oliver’s favourite is (predictably) the goldfish version, I can't decide which is my favourite – they all turned out so cute!




  1. wow these are very nice!!!!

  2. I want one! Very cute! Thanks for linking up!

  3. Whoa! Cuteness overload! I love all your ribbon choices - they're so fun and (did I mention) cute!

  4. beautiful work. i really like the way you use ribbon!

  5. Your notebooks are so cute and love the handbag too!

  6. Those did turn out super cute...what a great gift combo with the bag!!

  7. these are wonderfully bright and summery, I particularly like the beach bag with matching notebook ...

  8. Those are so adorable! I love every single one of them! What a fabulous idea! Thanks for linking up to Hoo's got talent!

  9. OMG i LOVE the little puffy stickers you used!! how freaking adorable!!

  10. I love them! I am SO going to steal this idea.

    Except that I don't have cute ribbons like that. Are you going to sell these notebooks?


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