Friday, 20 August 2010

the dalek pirate party

To round up my posts on the dalek pirate party we held for my son Oliver’s 7th birthday..
Party favours
Décor, flags and stencils
Pirate party games

I had this idea to make all the food
on sticks, so we had:

Fruit & marshmallow kabobs, cheese & pineapple on sticks, grapes & mini-marshmallows on sticks, breadsticks, sandwich bites on cocktail sword picks, pepperamis on cocktail swords, chocolate dipped orio pops.

We also made cupcakes with dalek pirate flag toppers, and chocolate dipped pretzels which were yummy (salt and chocolate is my new favourite taste combo!) and they went down really well with the kids too!

Party masks
For our first activity the kids (and my two attending sisters!) made pirate dalek masks. I bought the dalek party masks, and the kids sat down and customised their dalek masks with pirate foam stickers, gem stickers, feathers, and brass curtain rings for earrings!

This was a lot of fun and we certainly had a colourful and interesting collection of masks! I never knew boys (other than Oliver – he’s a magpie like me!) loved bling so much! The boys asked if it could be a competition – they are so competitive!

Karl (Daddy) picked the best mask and the winner chose a prize from the Treasure chest lucky dip.. We played lots of fun pirate party games..

Oliver’s mask completed his look with the T-shirt I stencilled for him..

Cyan dressed up as a pirate princess!

Tucking into the feast..

The birthday cake

I have seen a lot of cakes around the blogosphere made up of cupcakes.. which led to the idea for Oliver’s cake this year..

Karl baked and iced the cakes, which were made from three sizes of cupcakes stacked up to make an army of individual daleks! With chocolate buttons and mint matchmaker sticks for the appendages..

Each guest took a dalek cake home at the end of the party.. they went down a storm!

The party bags with custom made favours..

Cyan took this photo of Karl, Oliver and I at the end of the day..

The whole day was a lot of fun, with just a few little stresses (mostly down to the bad weather necessitating last minute improvisations), all the kids had a blast, and Oliver had a really special day to remember.. Yes – all the hard work and planning is worth it!

A big thank you to Karl, my mum and sisters; without their help these parties would not happen!



  1. anji, i love the last photo of you with your husband and son (what cuties you all are!).

    your spread is making me peckish. i need chocolate NOW! and i still can't believe the work you and your whole family put into this very special day. i am so impressed with all the games, the food, the favours. everything is so well thought-out and put together. congratulations!

  2. Great food ideas.

    Cyan looks darling in her dress.

    Wow your Karl has gorgeous blue eyes!!

  3. I bow before your superior awesomeness. I certainly don't have the patience and energy to organize a party of that caliber. It looks fun, though.

    And your princess is gorgeous.


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