Friday, 25 February 2011

wizard play.. cloaks, wands and spells

Harry Potter is the new favourite in our house, the kids watched a couple of the films recently and have been running around playing wizards ever since!

They were off school on half term break this week so I offered to make them black cloaks to enhance their play, they love to dress up! I also suggested they decorate a couple of chopsticks for their wands, and made up a couple of blank ‘spell books’ for them to fill with their own spells..

The cloaks were made from two squares of the black fabric I used for Oli’s pirate dalek party flags last year – I had a lot left over!

I used the full fabric width, so just two hems needed, top and bottom, with a wider hem at the top to make a collar. I then ran the top through my sewing machine on the longest stitch and pulled the threads to gather it.

They each picked out a button from my stash, to fasten the cloaks. It only took me a couple of hours to make them, a quick and easy sewing project!

They decorated their chopstick wands with marker pens, metallic paint and glitter glue! The spell books I made by folding white printer paper in half with a black card cover. The kids then busied themselves coming up with their own spells..

A few spells from Oliver (7):

How to make a storm come
to make a storm come you need to mix 8 newt tails 1 fang of a cobra 8 great white shark fins or if you are scared you might lose your fingers then just 5.

How to turn parrots into dragons

Spell to Defeat dragons
Any spell you want as long as it fires the flames or the dragon away from you.

How to turn yourself into a dragon
to turn yourself into a dragon you have to drink something very special it is called the dragon personaliser and before you drink it you say how long you want it to last.

Some spells from Cyan (5):

how to electricute wizards (wizzs!)

how to make a lots of rain come down

how to make people little

how to turn parrots into dragons

They really cracked me up with some of their spell descriptions! and they have had so much fun playing wizards this week!

I’m going to get these two little wizards to work their magic tomorrow morning by picking my giveaway winners out of a hat! Last chance to enter, comments left on the giveaway post before we do the draw tomorrow morning will be in the draw!


  1. oh my, those little spell books are so cool! i love the way children's minds work, especially when it gets put down on paper. I think they have fang of cobra at the little local market down the street. Apparently they also know how to make storms come :)

  2. Oliver has the best hair!!

    I love the idea of turning a parrot into a dragon!!

  3. Oh that is super cute! Mine have totally jumped on the wizard wagon as well! I love it!

    Thanks for sharing this with me!


  4. What a great idea for practicing writing letters and creative verse. How funny that you mention Harry Potter and wands. I just came across the handmade wands my brother in law made for us and thought KP needed one too. Then I said to myself KP won't be bombarded by Harry during her childhood as we missed the craze. I wonder what will be trending when she goes to school. Those faces definately say beware we might have some nasty spell up our sleeves.

  5. Great job as Usual Anji! I featured this post today at My Crafty Weekend. Thanks for sharing!


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