Thursday, 10 March 2011

gannet, fairies, bunnies and other deadly creatures

Some of the latest master-pieces from my kids..

“Gannet” by Oliver (7) .. a work of art.

“Deadly 60 line-art” also by Oliver.

Deadly 60 is Oliver’s favourite wildlife programme, all about the world’s deadliest animals. He is also just a wee bit obsessed with the accompanying Deadly 60 trading card game. Oliver drew the above outline drawings from the photos on some of his favourite cards.. (clockwise from centre top) great white shark, nile crocodile, piranha, gharial, spectacled caiman, orca, alligator snapping turtle, clouded leopard.

“Fairy queen and king” by Cyan (5).

Cyan cut shapes out of a separate sheet of paper for the clothes on the fairies and stuck them down, then coloured them and drew on the other features, all her own creativity.

“This is four Mumm and Dadd” bunnies also by Cyan.

I love these guys!


  1. the bunnies are brilliant, as is oli's piranha - though i don't think it looks quite menacing enough!

  2. That bunny photo is the cutest thing EVER!!!
    Uh...and about "Mumm"....that's one of many words I discovered when venturing across the pond two years ago for the first time. I ordered a Jacket at a's, like, a potato. I had no idea what I was getting, but it sounded safe b/c it came 'with cheese.' ;o) It was.

  3. My favorite is the bird. It is amazing how sophisticated kid's art can be, with no training. They get so many concepts naturally and probably have inspired the bulk of modern artists. Lesley

  4. the gannet (never heard of it) is just lovely! that oliver! he's so talented eh?

    Cyan's bunnies are delightful. I wish bunnies came in those colours in real life! I'd have one for sure! :)

  5. Great drawings! Your kids are very talented.

    Btw, thanks for participating in my Treasury Tuesday Linky! That's exciting you found it through a Google search. :D

  6. thanks for stopping by my blog & the follow! I am following you back. The cape is my own pattern & I am working on a tutorial for it. It is really easy!

  7. The bunnies are sooooo great! I also love the contrast in subject matter between your son and your daughter choose to draw. Perfect!

  8. omg i love those bunnies. esp the striped one. seriously just love it.
    your kids are so fun!!


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