Tuesday, 9 November 2010

last year’s halloween costumes

I thought I would share the costumes we made for Halloween last year.. The kids wanted costumes like in Angelina’s Halloween. Cyan loves the Angelina Ballerina books (Oli likes them too, though he probably wouldn’t freely admit it!).

Cyan wanted to be a firefly like Angelina, and Oliver wanted to be a red devil like Spike and Sammy (the big boy mice in the stories). Oli’s costume was pretty straightforward – red clothes, a trident donated by my sister Tressa, and I made a mask from red craft foam.

Cyan’s firefly costume was like Angelina’s but different colours. I made a tutu and ribbon streamer over-skirt. I used pipe-cleaners and beads attached to a hairband to make the firefly antennae like Angelina’s.

Last year after a little trick-or-treating the kids went to stay with grandparents and Karl and I went to a Halloween party thrown by my sister Arwen and her housemate.

Karl made an excellent Joker – he got so many compliments! He’d bought himself a replica of the shirt worn by Heath Ledger in the Dark Knight Batman movie. I found a green waistcoat on ebay and replaced the back part with pinstripe from a pinstripe skirt, to look like Heath Ledger’s, and also to make it fit Karl.

I made my Jack Skellington suit from various pinstripe garments I found in charity shops. I made a paper pattern adapted from a jacket and added tattered tails (which you can’t see here). I couldn’t find pinstripe leggings anywhere so I made some converted from a pair of stretchy pinstripe trousers! I already had the Jack mask, I had bought it on sale a few years ago from the Disney Store; I made up my face with face paints to match. One day maybe I will be Jack again and then I will make the bat-bow-tie which I ran out of time to make..

Karl carved one of his scary pumpkin jack ‘o’ lanterns to take to the party..

I love Karl’s scary pumpkin heads, here are a couple more from past years..

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  1. Lovely, lovely costumes. And good job on going DIY. Your kids look adorable.

    My daughter is a huge fan of Angelina Ballerina too, I think that's what got her interested in Ballet. We have a lot of the books and some videos and games.


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