Wednesday, 10 November 2010

terrors of the skies halloween costumes

Terrors of the skies, or terrors in disguise?!

Cyan knew exactly what she wanted to be this year for Halloween – a bat! She was so delighted when we saw bats while camping in the summer, I’m sure this inspired her costume choice! It was a really fun yet simple costume,  so quick and easy to make – I made it in an evening.

We started with black leggings and long-sleeved T-shirt..

I cut two wing shapes from an old pair of my black leggings, machine stitched them along the bottom of the sleeves and up the sides of the T-shirt; and I used the leftover waist part of the old leggings to make a little skirt. I made a mask from black craft foam. Cyan made such a cute little bat!

Oliver, after some deliberation (and a little persuasion from me) decided to wear his pterodactyl costume, which my sister Tressa made for him for Christmas a few years back. He’s had a lot of wear and play out of it, but hadn’t worn it for Halloween before, and I think he will probably have outgrown it by next year.

I think Tressa used a couple of adult-size T-shirts for the fabric and the dark coloured details are in fleece. The two long pieces which extend from his hands and support the wings are stuffed with recycled plastic bags!

The pterodactyl mask is from a book Oli was given which has different card dinosaur masks to make.


  1. Those are absolutely amazing. Especially the pteradactyl that your sister made!!

  2. such a great theme for Halloween! the costumes were wonderful, Anji! Don't you love being able to whip them up in a night? It takes talent!


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