Wednesday, 13 April 2011

seam binding crafty ribbons challenge

I took part in another Crafty Ribbons challenge recently, after missing out lots of challenges since the Fun in the Sun challenge I did last year, for which I made a mini beach bag and some mini ribbon notebooks.

The challenge this time was to find new and different ways of using Seam Binding Ribbon..

My first thought was to try weaving it, so I made a woven panel using four different seam binding colours. I backed it with cotton with ironed-on interfacing, ironing the horizontal ends first to keep the ribbons in place while I wove the vertical ribbons through, then ironed the whole panel to fix them all.

This panel became the back of a little purse, with a handle plaited from three colours of seam binding..

And a seam binding ribbon which ties in a bow to keep the purse closed..

I had two ideas for beaded necklaces to make with the seam binding, the first did not work out, but I was very happy with this one, which is simply some wooden beads knotted onto a coordinated colour of seam binding, with a closure made using another smaller wooden bead, and a knotted loop..


  1. i want one of those necklaces, it's lovely! but perhaps in black and white (you know how i love monchrome) - do you take requests.....

  2. Both projects are lovely...I particularly like the necklace...

  3. I love the weaving on your bag, so clever and your necklace is so cute! Thanks for visiting and your nice comments!

  4. you have a way with colour and pattern Anji. your little ribbon-woven bag is so pretty and soft!

    did you paint those wooden beads yourself? so lovely!

  5. Those are both cool projects. I really love the necklace.

  6. I have a billion packages of seam binding from thrift shop goodie bags and always wondered what i would use it for. Now I know, love the necklace idea! And the little handbag, adorable!

  7. Cute

  8. hi anji! hope you're doing well! i love the necklace - the colors are stunning. =)

  9. Wow! I've so much fun reading all your brilliant projects!


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