Friday, 7 May 2010

dinosaur by cyan

Here we have another wonderful example of both Cyan’s artistic talent, and her giving nature. This is a picture of a dinosaur she drew today. She showed it to me when I got home after work; as I was marvelling at how good it was, she said to me “It’s not for you mummy, it’s for the little boy whose birthday is soon, who’s having the dinosaur party”. She is referring to my very first Etsy order, which I have been hard at work on recently, making dinosaur party bags, coloring books and crayons for a little boy’s dinosaur birthday party. I also made personalised bunting for him as a little thank you gift, which I will write about later.

The order was mailed across the pond last Saturday, so too late to send her drawing. I scanned and emailed it, I hope the birthday boy will like it!

I may get her to colour it tomorrow, scan it again and turn it into a birthday card!

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  1. i cant decide whether this or the unbirthday card is cuter! can't wait to see you all again when i'm down in a few weeks! x


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