Friday, 13 January 2012

cyan’s first sewing projects ... and hello! (it’s been a while!)

Firstly - hello! It has been a while, 9 months to be precise (exactly - to the day today!) since I last posted here. It’s been a crazy busy 9 months that’s for sure.. I had no time for blogging, sadly. We worked hard, partied, got married; and I’ve been dying to blog about it all! So hopefully I can set some time aside soon to do just that, and catch up with what everyone else has been up to in the world of blogs...

Back to today’s post.. Cyan (my crafty 6 year old daughter) has been wanting to learn to sew, so for Christmas my mum made her up a starter sewing basket kit; and my sister Tressa, who is the other seamstress of the family, put together a collection of fabrics for her.

Cyan’s first project idea was for a cuddly toy, we made a start on cutting out the pieces last weekend and I’ll be sure to post on that when it’s done...

Cut to today - Cyan was home from school recovering from a nasty cough, and my mum came over to watch her while I was at work.

Mum had promised Cyan when she gave her the sewing kit that she would help Cyan to make her own needle case and pincushion, so that is what they did today...

She embroidered her initial herself “in chain stitch” she told me proudly :)

Cyan’s sewing on the pincushion base..

Her needles nestled in their new case..

Not bad at all for her very first “proper” sewing project!
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