Wednesday, 13 April 2011

seam binding crafty ribbons challenge

I took part in another Crafty Ribbons challenge recently, after missing out lots of challenges since the Fun in the Sun challenge I did last year, for which I made a mini beach bag and some mini ribbon notebooks.

The challenge this time was to find new and different ways of using Seam Binding Ribbon..

My first thought was to try weaving it, so I made a woven panel using four different seam binding colours. I backed it with cotton with ironed-on interfacing, ironing the horizontal ends first to keep the ribbons in place while I wove the vertical ribbons through, then ironed the whole panel to fix them all.

This panel became the back of a little purse, with a handle plaited from three colours of seam binding..

And a seam binding ribbon which ties in a bow to keep the purse closed..

I had two ideas for beaded necklaces to make with the seam binding, the first did not work out, but I was very happy with this one, which is simply some wooden beads knotted onto a coordinated colour of seam binding, with a closure made using another smaller wooden bead, and a knotted loop..

Sunday, 3 April 2011

mums for mother’s day

Today was Mothering Sunday or Mother’s Day here in the UK. I made a card for
my Mum with some chrysanthemums which I cut out from wallpaper samples..

I also cut the word ‘mum’ out of the front..

.. through this you can see another cut out flower on the inside..

The flowers continue round onto the back of the card..

The kids made a hand-print trees card inspired by this one..

I gave my Mum this necklace pendant set with two carved mother-of-pearl flowers.

The smaller one is a beautifully carved vintage example I bought from Beau Papier on Etsy, I made silver wire wrapped bails for this and the new larger flower and threaded them onto a fine organza ribbon – I know mum has lots of pretty chains and the flowers could be worn on the ribbon or on a chain, either together or separately. I love convertible jewellery!

And of course some real mums! I was so pleased with these large ornamental pale green chrysanthemums I found, and teamed them with some smaller darker green ones and some white carnations (Mum’s favourite).

This is the first crafting I have had time to do in weeks, it was so rewarding and Mum loved her cards, gift and flowers.

Christy’s comment got me wondering about the origins of Mothering Sunday which we celebrate here in England, and the origins of Mother’s Day as celebrated elsewhere in the world..

Check out the Wikipedia links:
Mothering Sunday
Mother’s Day

Thursday, 10 March 2011

gannet, fairies, bunnies and other deadly creatures

Some of the latest master-pieces from my kids..

“Gannet” by Oliver (7) .. a work of art.

“Deadly 60 line-art” also by Oliver.

Deadly 60 is Oliver’s favourite wildlife programme, all about the world’s deadliest animals. He is also just a wee bit obsessed with the accompanying Deadly 60 trading card game. Oliver drew the above outline drawings from the photos on some of his favourite cards.. (clockwise from centre top) great white shark, nile crocodile, piranha, gharial, spectacled caiman, orca, alligator snapping turtle, clouded leopard.

“Fairy queen and king” by Cyan (5).

Cyan cut shapes out of a separate sheet of paper for the clothes on the fairies and stuck them down, then coloured them and drew on the other features, all her own creativity.

“This is four Mumm and Dadd” bunnies also by Cyan.

I love these guys!

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