Sunday, 19 February 2012

golden ticket chocolate factory birthday party invitations

We threw a Wonka Chocolate Factory themed party for Oliver’s 8th and Cyan’s 6th birthdays. With our wedding in October to plan, I decided we would have one joint party and hold it a little early at the end of July (their birthdays are a couple of weeks apart in August/September).

They were both keen on the latest movie with Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka, and we had just finished reading the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory books by Roald Dahl; so we thought this could be a fun theme for their party.

Naturally the invitations had to be golden tickets.. I designed the tickets and laser printed them onto some gold vellum paper..

.. and of course the tickets also had to be found in Wonka Bars!
I found a lovely lady selling chocolate bars on ebay, she sold them with custom wrappers designed for wedding favours. As I wanted to print my own wrappers so I could insert the tickets she gave me a really good reduced price, I think they worked out about 50 pence each. They also conveniently had a base wrapper of gold foiled paper, and one of the flavour choices was milk chocolate with crunchy caramel pieces.. perfect!

And so became the Whipple Scrumptious Chococaramel Delight Wonka Bar..

On the back of the wrapper was the ingredients and dietary info, and I added a barcode with each child’s name so the kids would know which friend to give each bar to..

I was really pleased with how they turned out, they went down VERY well with the kids invited, and I got lots of compliments from the parents too!

More on the party soon....
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