Sunday, 5 September 2010

cyan’s 5th birthday.. um dress for barbie

It was Cyan’s birthday on Tuesday, my little girl is now 5!

I bought her these collector’s edition Alice in Wonderland and Queen of Hearts barbies for her birthday. They were released a few years ago apparently.. I was struck by the similarity of the Alice barbie’s dress to some of the dresses worn by Mia Wasikowska in the new Alice in Wonderland film..

I decided I would try and make the Um dress for the Alice barbie, Cyan was very keen on this dress when we watched the movie.. it is the dress which the Red Queen orders to be made for Alice when she is very large, and calls herself Um (from Umbridge)..

“Someone find her some clothes, use the curtains if you must, 
but clothe this enormous girl”..

I made the base dress, using ribbons for the bodice and fine tulle for the skirt.. but with everything we’ve had on over the last few weeks I just ran out of time.. I wrapped it up anyway and Cyan is very happy with it as it is.. I will make the overskirt which I planned to make as a separate piece anyway.. soon.. when I find the time!

I found black barbie ballet pumps on ebay, which work well as Um shoes with the addition of little red ribbon bows..

Alice barbie had to try on her Um dress within minutes of being unwrapped! (I knew I had to make this dress!)

This is the Um dress we are trying to replicate:

I think I might possibly be making another version of this dress soon.. perhaps a five-year-old girl sized one?

Naturally Cyan then had to go and dress herself as Alice for the day..

And of course Oliver was Spider-man?!

We are planning a party for Cyan in a couple of weeks, after she starts school (tomorrow!)

We had cake of course, and used some of the vintage tea set pieces I have been collecting to use for Cyan’s party.. you’ll never guess the theme for her party ;)

A mini birthday tea party..


  1. I love the Barbie Um dress, it's awsome, can't wait to see cyans! x

  2. Awww! Love the party dress, and the tea party!

  3. Those dolls are fabulous. And I love your Um dress as well. Wednesday went through an Alice phase this year and so her third birthday party was a mad Hatter Tea Party. It was great!
    I should mention that my Alice phase is twenty some years strong. :D I cannot wait to see your party pics. That reminds me, I should get to posting about ours, it was only two months ago!

  4. What no Madd Hatters? I love the way you made the um dress so perfectly.
    Lucky Cyan.


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