Friday, 10 September 2010

fifth day at school and embellished hair bands

The last day of Cyan’s first week at school..

Cyan’s favourite things about school this first week:
seeing her old friends and meeting all the new children, playing with ‘threading toy’, playing with ‘funny animals toy’ (sounds like construction toy to make funny mixed up animals using body parts of all different animals), counting up to 100 (which she demonstrated effortlessly for me on the way home today).

It didn’t surprise me that from the hair clips I made last night she picked the velvet ribbon and star button pair to wear today (they were my favourites too)..

I was trying to think of another different hair accessory I could make tonight, then I remembered we had a couple of hair bands saved for school, in green and white of course, which I could decorate with some more of my school ribbon stash.. so Friday’s hair accessory is..

Hair bands embellished with bows and flowers

You will need:
Hair bands
Hot glue gun
Needle and thread
Sharp scissors

I made a bow to go on the green spot hair band, using 3 different ribbons, sewn together in the middle..

Then fixed to the hair band with a little hot glue and a few stitches around the band..

Get the hot glue out again to fix another ribbon around the middle of the bow..

A medley of polka dots..

For the white band I made some simple rosette flowers.. to make these you need a length of ribbon about 4-6" long, hand-sew a running stitch along one long edge (didn’t photograph this stage), pull thread to create the rosette shape, tie thread off to secure, then sew button in the centre.

Work out arrangement so they sit nicely next to each other on the band..

Attach flowers with hot glue..

And now we have two much prettier hair bands for Cyan to wear..

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  1. Those are all so pretty! My daughter is too old for those now, wish I knew how to do that when she was young. Guess I'll have to wait for grandkids! LOL Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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