Saturday, 11 September 2010

first week of school and hair accessories roundup

With my daughter Cyan starting school for the first time, I decided to document this first week, with a photo of her each morning, all ready for school; and I crafted a hair accessory for her each evening, utilising my lovely stash of green (our school colour) ribbons, all from the fabulous

Click the title for each day to read the full post, with tutorials for each hair accessory..

Monday.. interchangeable bows for hair clips..

Tuesday.. ribbon hair bun covers..

Wednesday.. hair ribbon streamers..

Thursday.. ribbon covered hair clips with buttons..

Friday.. embellished hair bands..

Well Cyan certainly enjoyed her first week at school, and big brother Oliver had a good week too (once he got over the cough he was suffering with earlier in the week), he is now in Year 3 which is his first junior year.. so exciting times for both my kids!

We are all worn out (especially me, I won’t be writing daily blog posts again for a while!) and looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend.. we are off to our local museum tomorrow for a Japanese themed family craft event – making card samurai swords and helmets – that should be fun!

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  1. I love the uniforms. And the princess looks darling in them. I wish my daughter's school had something like that (which ironically would be more appropriate for the tropics).

    Does Cyan attend a Catholic school? Her uniform remind me of my own days in Catholic school.

  2. Hi, Anji! This roundup is amazing! I love the bun covers and the streamers especially. Your kids are the sweetest models! So sorry to be late to your blog, I should have been following you ages ago but somehow oops, I didn't get here, and so missed out on lots of greatness. Have just spent a lovely time looking through the wonderful ideas here. Following now, better late than never. -Michelle

  3. What a lovely record for you all.

  4. So cute and what a darling model!
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  5. My favorites are the streamers and rosette headbands. The uniforms just keep getting cuter and cuter. Are you sure your kids are not at Hogwarts. Are you making the clothes too?. I always have KP's hair up and I wish I had bought more of the Russian style pompom and ribbon accessories for hair while we were in Kazakhstan. It really suits her and Cyan too, both have heart shaped faces.

  6. Love the bun covers! How adorable!

  7. Aww! Love all the hair accessories, and uniforms! They are just toooo cute! Have fun at the museum! I just love everything the museums have to offer these days for families!


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