Monday, 6 September 2010

first day of school and hair bow tutorial

It was our first day back at school today.. first day ever for Cyan!

The school colour is green, which I love..

I had bought hair clips, and a whole selection of lovely ribbons in green and white.. gingham, striped, polka dots, organza..
The ribbons are all from

I am planning to craft a hair accessory each night this week, to go with Cyan’s uniform..

Tonight I decided to add some bows to the hair clips.. so on Monday we have..

Simple interchangeable bows for hair clips tutorial

You will need:
Assortment of lovely ribbons (see above!)
Hair clips
Fray-check or craft glue
Sharp scissors

Take a length of ribbon, about 8" worked out well with the 10mm ribbon..

(For wider ribbon you would need a slightly longer length, for narrow ribbon slightly shorter.)

Snap the hair clip onto the centre of the ribbon length..

Tie in a knot, twice, pulling tight each time, this means the bows can slip on and off the clips later..

Tie bows, according to this method for simple bows on the crafty ribbons blog.. keep adjusting and pulling tighter until bows look the right size and shape, then trim the ends with sharp scissors..

I fray-checked the ends and also added a dab of glue under the bow knot, top and bottom..

I made five pairs of bows with different ribbons..

They can all be swapped onto different clips..

They turned out so cute and they are really so simple to make  – I think I may have to do more in non-school colours, I have a HUGE stash of ribbons and Cyan has LOADS of hair clips which we could slip bows onto..

Why don’t you make some really simple interchangeable hair clip bows..

After all the comments on the uniform, I added this photo crop where you can see the detail on this dress more clearly – it really is a lovely one (click photos to enlarge). Gingham dresses in the school colour are standard summer uniform for girls here, you can buy them from a variety of retailers and the style does vary a lot. This particular dress is one my mum picked up in a charity shop a couple of years back and we’ve been saving it for when Cyan started school.


  1. love the bows. i have some clips like that, so i might give it a try. your wee ones look great on their first day! i love the first day of school picture.

  2. hi anji! it's that time of year again. my little one starts school tomorrow. cyan's bows are lovely! and I agree, green is a great colour! apparently you have quite a stash of ribbons there. i shouldn't talk, I have a bin brimming with just ribbon ribbon ribbon... great minds think alike. :)

  3. They look so cute, and their clothes make it look like a vintage photo.

    Is that a uniform?

  4. That is a uniform? That is a really cute uniform and she looks darling with her hair bows!

  5. I wish we had uniforms like that here. There are a few private schools that dress very preppy but it certainly does not look so sweet as what your kids get to wear. Not quite Harry Potter but almost. Allows them to hang onto childhood a bit longer. Sigh. I have not even gotten into the hairbow thing yet. One more thing to add to my "make it one day list". Thanks for sharing such a simple idea so I don't have to go looking very hard for it.

  6. Thanks everyone :)

    Yes - we get to have a lot of fun with uniform for girls, in fact I realised she has 5 different options on uniform, so just for fun this week she'll wear one each day, and I'll post a photo along with my hair accessory crafts each day!

  7. Bows, not something I'll ever have to deal with in this family, but I've learned something new today. Thanks.

  8. So darling, all the way around! The dress, the hair accessories...I especially like the gingham! Great job.


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