Tuesday, 7 September 2010

second day of school and hair bun covers

Second day of school for Cyan.. Oliver unfortunately is trying to kick a cough, he was just well enough for his first day back yesterday, but the day took it’s toll and he was up coughing in the night again so he’s been at home with Daddy today.. (How is it they have a 6-week summer holiday and Oli manages to get a cough the week before school starts?!)

Cyan’s first day went really well yesterday, sounds like she had a lot of fun; and she is so excited about making new friends – and catching up with her old friends who went to the same pre-school. She came down the stairs this morning from brushing her teeth at 8am saying “I’m ready, can I go to school now?” (We live very close to the school and don't normally leave until 8:30-8:40!)

Today Cyan chose to wear her proper ‘big girl’ ensemble of grey skirt, white blouse and tie! She was most insistent that she wanted to wear her tie today, and is loving the fact that I am letting her choose a different uniform outfit each day this week! (Usually I like to get a few days wear out of clothes to reduce my laundry commitments! And yes, this does sometimes cause arguments..)

With the green cardigan.. This cardigan is labelled as age 3-4 and is still too big for Cyan, she’s not even so dinky anymore after this summer’s growth spurt, and she just turned 5! The cardigan stayed on just long enough for me to snap a photo, Cyan is a warm child, doesn’t like wearing extra layers (except for princess dresses/cloaks and the like!) and she won’t really need to wear it until the weather gets a lot colder.

And the hair accessory craft of the day.. I was thinking.. what other (practical) styles could we do with Cyan’s hair, apart from the obvious plaits, pigtails, ponytail etc.? I thought it might be fun to put her hair in two little buns, but her hair is quite fine and thin, and very slippy so it won't stay in a bun without a bun cover (like the crochet ones you wear for ballet)..

I don’t crochet, so for Tuesday we’re going to make..

Ribbon hair bun covers

You will need
Organza ribbon and/or lace type trim

Before you start you will need to put your girl’s hair roughly in a bun and work out the length of ribbons you will need.. With Cyan’s hair in two buns, the length I needed to fit across one bun was approx 3.5". Add 2" for casing allowance. I cut 2 x 5.5" lengths of polka dot organza ribbon (from my school colours ribbon collection) and 1 x 5.5" length of this cute cotton lace type trim which I found in my stash.. I used 3 lengths for each small bun cover, for a single bun cover or if your girl’s hair is thicker than Cyan’s you will probably want 4 lengths or more..

Fold the ends and sew to make the casing for the ribbon tie, check your pieces will end up the right length before sewing..

Then sew the lengths together in the middle.

Thread ribbon tie through the casings..

Tie in a bow to secure onto bun.

Quite simple really, although it took a bit of trial and error to find a method which (I hope) works..

the next morning: Here are the bun covers in action, they do work in principle, unfortunately my measurements were a little on the small side (either that or Cyan’s hair grew thicker overnight!), so they don’t quite stay put.. Another inch on the lengths I used would probably fix this.. whether it’s worth remaking them I don’t know.. or perhaps I’ll just ask my mum if she would crochet some for Cyan ;)

What do you think?

Brushing up on her alphabet before school this morning.. Thank you Aunty Arwen for the alphabet jigsaw puzzle birthday card ;) You can see the ribbon bow hair clips she picked to wear from those I made last night..


  1. The bun covers make me think she is ready for Riverdance for some reason!! :)

  2. buns on little girls are so appealing to me for some reason. it makes them look like proper little ballerinas. i used to put them in my girls' hair when they were small (and when they let me)... the good ol' days... :) the bun cover is a very good idea as those fine strands of hair will invariably weasel their way out of a bun... grrr! cyan sounds like ben. they both love school. that's a good thing!!!


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