Thursday, 9 September 2010

fourth day of school and ribbon covered hairclips

Day four at school for Cyan.. she is loving it! Wearing her green and white striped summer dress today.. Striped school summer dresses are not so common as gingham ones, we do like to be individual!

We were given a book from school with pages for Cyan to fill in about herself, she drew this picture of herself today, with her striped dress – and hair accessories!

I really wanted to use the grosgrain polka dot ribbon on something, it didn’t work on any of the accessories I made so far, and I also found some lovely green velvet ribbon with a striped texture while going through my stash of ribbons.. so Thursday’s hair accessory is..

Ribbon covered hair clips with buttons

You will need:
Buttons or other embellishments
Hair clips
Craft glue
Hot glue gun
Sharp scissors

Cut ribbon lengths to fit around hair clips..

Apply craft glue to half of ribbon reverse, snap into place in clip..

Apply craft glue to the remaining half of ribbon reverse..

Fold up around front of clip..

Wrap round to the back, the end should line up with the other end trapped in the clip..

Pick out some fun buttons or embellishments..

Use hot glue gun to stick on the buttons..

These were really simple and a lot of fun to make, and they are completely different to Cyan’s other clips with bows that I made on Monday..

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  1. It is fun watching her progress through the week. :)


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