Monday, 19 April 2010

dinosaur party invitations

I created these dinosaur invitations for Oliver’s dinosaur themed birthday party using my vectorised and coloured up versions of Karl’s dinosaur illustrations. The dinos are lively and full of character so I settled on a fairly simple design which showcased the dinosaur illustrations and with all the party information clearly presented.

I searched online for some ideas to dinosaurise the wording; I can’t remember if this is when we started calling Oli “Oliversaurus Rex” or if it was earlier (his middle name is Rex). He still gets called “Oliversaurus Rex” sometimes! The other line I found which I liked was “Don’t be extinct” which I used on the reply slip and where the phone number is repeated on the back.

I printed the invites in colour onto a nice quality medium weight cream paper stock, then trimmed and tri-folded them, to finished size of 99 x 105 mm (4 x 4.25 " approx). This made them compact and neat – easy for Oli to give out to all his friends. Everyone loved them, I got compliments from parents and Oli’s teacher!

I am now offering these customized/personalized dinosaur invitations to buy in my Etsy shop along with other coordinated custom/personalized dinosaur party supplies – perfect for a dinosaur birthday party theme.


  1. those look awesome! so totally perfect for a little boy.

  2. I love these so much! My son is pretty much a paleontologist already! LOL! He's 9. He adores dinosaurs. What is the attraction? I'll never know. He's a boy. I'm a girl. Maybe that's it!! (scratching head!)

    You are very talented. I just found you from Funky Junk. I read your very long comment! HAHAHA! I had a long one too. And they look so much longer after you hit the button to post, don't they?

    Whenever I read that someone is NEW to blogging I have to jump over to read what they have! I'm hooked! Great luck to you! I'll hop over and check out your etsy site too!

    All my best,
    New York


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