Friday, 4 June 2010

purple blossom, pale and dark

purple clematis

“Purple blossom, pale and dark,
Spreading with springtime in the park..”

This is a line from Colours a story book in the Shirley Hughes Nursery Collection, some of our favourite books. We love all Shirley Hughes’ books, most are favourites from my own childhood.

purple clematis flowers

Anyway – I was reminded of this line while I was admiring all the beautiful purple flowers in our little backyard .. even though it is early summer now. The gorgeous dark purple clematis flowers are starting to open, and the purple campanula bell flowers which grow all over our walls are also just opening in our backyard – others in the area which get more sun have been open for a week or two already. These are amazing in the early evening light – they literally glow! So beautiful ..

purple bell flowers

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  1. They are beautiful...thanks for sharing about Shirley Hughes too!


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