Monday, 14 February 2011

happy valentine’s day

Cyan wanted to make Valentine’s cards for some of her school friends.. she picked coloured card which I trimmed into some little rounded cards using a corner punch. Pink for the girls, naturally, and purple and blue for the boys. She drew a different picture on each card, and added some heart stickers, gems and sequins.

A fairy and a princess..

A dragon and a T-rex for the boys..

Even the envelopes looked cute, she added heart stickers on all the ‘i’s..

I included the little toadstool in the photos at Cyan’s request, when I asked her not to seal the cards in the envelopes so I could take them out later and take a picture of them she told me “I’m finding pretty things to go in the picture with my cards”. Amazing, five years old and she’s thinking about staging photographs!

This laser-cut wooden heart was my alternative to a Valentine’s card for Karl, from Timber Green Woods on Etsy. I love that it has the year – 2011 – worked into the design, it commemorates this the year of our wedding.


  1. I think Cyan did a great job on her Valentines. And so did you in fact! Your gift to Karl is perfect!

  2. Oh Hi Anji, nice to 'meet' you - just love stumbling across new 'crafty' blogs. The Valentine's cards are just toooo sweet! You should check out the children's party network ( if you are not already a member that is:) I just became your 50th follower (yay) and I'm off to check out your etsy shop. Jane:) (

  3. Those jobs are so cute....I can't even stand it. The gems are my the TRex princess. I don't think I could give them away if that was my little girl. I'm glad you captured them on film....and I think the little mushroom sets them off nicely. ;o) I want three just like her! Until then, I'll live vicariously through you!

  4. Oh, those look much better than Nadia's (I'll deny I ever said that), I just gave her red and white paper and told her to go entertain herself.

    Darling job, kudos to Cyan and her handy assistant.

  5. Love, love, love the dragon!!


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