Sunday, 3 April 2011

mums for mother’s day

Today was Mothering Sunday or Mother’s Day here in the UK. I made a card for
my Mum with some chrysanthemums which I cut out from wallpaper samples..

I also cut the word ‘mum’ out of the front..

.. through this you can see another cut out flower on the inside..

The flowers continue round onto the back of the card..

The kids made a hand-print trees card inspired by this one..

I gave my Mum this necklace pendant set with two carved mother-of-pearl flowers.

The smaller one is a beautifully carved vintage example I bought from Beau Papier on Etsy, I made silver wire wrapped bails for this and the new larger flower and threaded them onto a fine organza ribbon – I know mum has lots of pretty chains and the flowers could be worn on the ribbon or on a chain, either together or separately. I love convertible jewellery!

And of course some real mums! I was so pleased with these large ornamental pale green chrysanthemums I found, and teamed them with some smaller darker green ones and some white carnations (Mum’s favourite).

This is the first crafting I have had time to do in weeks, it was so rewarding and Mum loved her cards, gift and flowers.

Christy’s comment got me wondering about the origins of Mothering Sunday which we celebrate here in England, and the origins of Mother’s Day as celebrated elsewhere in the world..

Check out the Wikipedia links:
Mothering Sunday
Mother’s Day


  1. These are all so beautiful Anji! I LOVE the card and the pendants! You are so creative and talented. I love all of your designs! And the kids' hand prints are so special!

    I LOVE that the day is called 'Mothering Sunday'. So wonderful!

    Have a great week!

  2. All of it is beautiful and ties together beautifully as a theme...You did a fabulous job on the card...

  3. oh anji, that card is STUNNING. i just want to reach out and touch it!
    i absolutely LOVE mums - so very clever for mother's day. those green mums you found are fantastic! i hope your kids showered you with fun as well!

  4. Such sweet cards! OK, it kinda threw me for a loop....doesn't the world follow all of the American Holiday dates? Hmmm...things to ponder ;o)
    LOOOVE those green Mums too!

  5. Your card is a work of art Anji! I especially love your font (is this an Anji-font?) and the wall paper cutouts and the way they go around the whole card... well okay everything.

  6. Such a thoughtful and special gift! I'm sure your mother was pleased. Everything went together so beautifully!


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