Saturday, 13 March 2010

don’t stop me now...

Phew! What a busy busy Friday it has been. At work for the morning; then I had the afternoon off so my partner Karl and I could join our son Oliver at his school for a Creative Partnerships Project – den building! Parents were invited into the school grounds to join our children in an imaginative den building session. So we, along with a few other parents, joined about 20 kids from Oliver’s class; the kids were split into groups of 4-5 along with parents and the only rule was that grown-ups were not allowed to decide how to build the dens. The kids took great delight in telling us what to do!

We worked with Oliver, two other boys and a girl from his class; she had very clear ideas on how the den should be built, Karl and I helped with putting up poles, tying and pegging bits where needed; and the boys built a fence around the den to protect us from sharks! (Part of the fun was to imagine we were marooned on a desert island!) Once all the dens were built the kids ran around checking each other’s dens out, then we all helped to dismantle everything. What a fun afternoon!

Then later on in the evening I made some dinosaur shaped crayons; I have been meaning to make these to list in my Etsy shop. I had a good excuse to get around to it because I wanted to include some in a little gift for Rachel over at Always Sunny as a thank you for being really great over lost parcel issues, and for my replacement items – a lovely necklace and some really yummy lip balms from her Etsy shop my little sunshine. Thanks to the lost parcel issues I found out via email that her daughter is another dinosaur fanatic, so I thought it would be cool to send them some dino goodies – a dinosaur fabric bag, colouring book and the dinosaur crayons.

And then I went and listed three new different items in my Etsy shop which include the dinosaur crayons.

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