Saturday, 13 March 2010

itty bitty princesses and hama dinosaurs

Today Cyan found and decided to make her Itty Bitty Princesses, a Christmas gift from Oliver. The Itty Bitty book has instructions on how to make the tiny characters, and a cute little tin (I love tins!) with all the bits you need to make two princesses.

They are similar to fairies and princesses we’ve made before with clothes-pins, fabric flowers, tissue paper, pipe cleaners etc.; but Cyan really enjoyed making these and loved looking at all the pictures in the little book to get ideas for how she wanted her princesses to look. She did need a little help with cutting and gluing etc. but she was so proud of them when they were all done. They turned out so cute:

Oli got a few board games in with Dad while we were making the princesses, then he came in and decided he would make another of his Hama bead dinosaurs, which he also got for Christmas. He already made the T-Rex just after Christmas. He decided to make the yellow Velociraptor today.

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