Saturday, 21 August 2010

plymouth lido

This is Tinside Lido – an Art Deco outdoor, sea water swimming pool – one of my favourite things about living in Plymouth. It is situated right on the seafront, near the Plymouth Hoe. The venue for our wedding reception next year is just around the bay to the left of these photos.

The Lido was closed for years, but was fully refurbished and reopened in 2005. It has lots of cool Art Deco features.. I love this ceramic tiling in the interior, and the sign here which reads ‘To the sunbathing terraces’..

The pool water is filtered salt water taken from the sea.. it is not heated so seems quite cold at first, but once you get used to it it is quite pleasant on a hot summer’s day..

I regret to say that this gorgeous sunny day back in June is the only day we have managed to get down there this year.. I just found out that you can buy a yearly season ticket though, so I mean to take advantage of that next year, and get out for a swim at least once a week in my lunch break.. I work about 10 minutes walk away..

I never in a million years thought I would be posting a picture of me in my bikini here.. but my mum snapped this photo of me with the kids!

I really hope we get a few more sunny days before the end of the summer so we can get down there again this year.. August has brought rain, rain, and more rain..



  1. what a lovely place... lucky you for having it nearby!

    p.s. cute bikini picture!

  2. Beautiful location - how nice to be so close to something so lovely and fun.

  3. That place is beautiful! You should totally get a season pass. You are so blessed to live there.

  4. Who needs to go to Club Med when you have the Lido nearby. I love the food you came up with for the party! I will have to forward a link to my sister for the pirate party. My nephew would love it! I think she spent close to $600.00 this year for his space theme birthday party. I bet you were able to have a more reasonable budget. Thanks for the Halloween ideas-you are a gem! mymommymakesit


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