Saturday, 4 September 2010

holiday and camping

It’s been two weeks since I posted here.. This will be a long post but mostly pictures..

Karl & I had a couple of weeks off work and we spent some quality family time..

A day out to Paignton beach..

We took along the leftover cupcake flags from Oliver’s party to use for sandcastles.. (inspired by Joey's Dream Garden sandcastle flags)
Oliver made a sand dalek!

Cyan made a sand castle..

Oliver made a speed boat in the sand, and marked the edge with cocktail swords and mini daleks!

Got chased by waves..

Determined to transfer as much sea water as possible from the sea to the sand..

We also went camping for a few days at local River Dart Country Park..

This was the kids’ first time camping..

Happy campers! They loved it..

There was an awesome adventure play park in the woods..

The assault course was a big hit!

Oliver climbed all the way to the top of this rather large ‘spider-web’..

There were zip-wires..

A tree house..

A pirate ship!

Which you had to ‘walk the plank’ to get to/from it..

A little sandy beach..

A Victorian kissing chair by the house..

(Notice the white roses..
Cyan insisted I help her paint all these roses with imaginary red paint before the imaginary red queen who lived in the house (‘castle’) woke up and caught us!)

There were swings and climbing frames galore to keep the kids happy..

A full moon on our last night camping..

We had another day out later in the week when the weather was sunny again, to Woodlands this time..

More sand play..

Cyan found a zip wire just the right size for her, which she was very happy about!

Lots of rides and stuff, most of which I went on - so didn’t photograph..

The kids love this merry-go-round..

And they loved these goat kids even more..

They were cute! Kids feeding kids..

They didn’t want to leave..


  1. Looks like you had a great time. I love the dress Cyan is wearing with the bib and buttons!!

  2. i think I would have enjoyed that spider web climber too! i bet you Oliver had an awesome view from up there... what a great little holiday you had!

  3. Hi Anji! The dalek flags re-used for sandcastles is a lovely idea! Cheers for the link too. Hey that adventure playground with the pirate ship looks fantastic! Oh and the baby goats are lovely... I really like goat's eyes, they're really weird aren't they?
    Your children look like they had the time of their lives... :-)
    Joey xx


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