Monday, 31 May 2010

avast ye landlubbers!

On Sunday we attended a pirate enactment weekend at nearby Mount Edgcumbe – one of my favourite places anyway and this weekend it was taken over by pirates! Gaaarh!

Here are our two little pirates!

On the way home I asked them what their favourite part of the day was, and they both agreed: treasure hunting on the beach – hunting for shells and beach glass – we do this every time we go there!

Oliver’s favourite pirate part of the day was the giant lobsters who had a battle with the pirates! He was most upset when the pirates won!

Cyan’s favourite pirate part of the day was learning to dance a sailor’s hornpipe jig!


  1. Ummmm... that looks awesome! My son would love the huge lobster claw guys!

  2. that looks fun! i want to be a pirate for a day!


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