Monday, 17 May 2010

dinosaur crayons party favors

I have made lots of these recently :
dinosaur crayons party favors

from a lot of these :
crayola crayons

I made lots of these dinosaur shaped crayons over the last few weeks for some Etsy custom orders. I recently purchased a new mold to make the dinosaur crayons, made of silicone – much better than my old plastic chocolate mold. I can use the new one in the oven which is so much easier when making crayons, it also allows me to make multicolour crayons which are much more fun, especially for party favors. I make each crayon with 2 or 3 colour layers.

I had to take a shot of all the crayon paper wrappers because they look so pretty! and I hate to throw anything away, so I am trying to think of a way to recycle these .. paper maché .. handmade paper .. ? Any ideas/suggestions welcome ..
(removing these is the worst part of making crayons – luckily for me I have a little helper who loves to peel!)

crayola papers

I love making these! I am buying in a whole variety of new molds so I can make different shaped crayons to go with all the other party themes I’m working on ..

20 dinosaur crayons party favors

Here are the crayons with our dinosaur coloring book and fabric party/gift bag :

dinosaur party bag coloring book and crayons

You can buy them in my Etsy shop ..



  1. The crayons are wonderful!!! Such a great idea to go along with everything else! You're very clever and creative!! The molds are adorable, too!! Perhaps you could use the wrappers as the stuffing in the box for shipping the crayons out???

    Have a great night!

  2. Thank you Kolein .. that is a great idea to use the wrappers as packing!

  3. What a fun idea! I've never tried making my own shaped crayons, though my boys have loved the ones I've bought! Maybe you could use the wrappers to make your own, fun colored paper.

  4. These are starking cute :)

    Another idea for the wrappers is to put them in a clear balloon, then blow the balloon up. Instant confetti.

  5. Thank you for all your kind comments and great suggestions for what to do with all those wrappers! :)

  6. omg i love these little guys!! so adorable!


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