Saturday, 22 May 2010

busy crafty saturday

Well it has been a very busy crafty Saturday .. Cyan was invited to a pre-school friend’s birthday party in the afternoon; it is also Nana’s birthday next week so two lots of cards and gifts to prepare .. then there is Oliver’s homework to be done .. and laundry (three lots of laundry done today! thanks to the amazingly hot summery weather we have had here the last few days) .. the house is still a tip but never mind – it will have to wait!

Cyan decorated a card from my card drawer, drew a beautiful picture inside and some lovely lettering. She also chose a purse to give, and we picked a selection of coordinating beads so she could make a little bracelet for her friend. I keep stocks of cards and purses which I get from Traidcraft – an excellent fair trade charity organisation. They always have really cute little purses which vary each year, they make perfect presents for little girls.

I found these cute play dough ice cream sets in the pound shop! I bought a few so we could give them for gifts. Cyan filled up her sticker chart this morning and chose one for her reward, she literally spent the whole day – apart from when she was making the other stuff and actually at the party! – making play dough ice cream concoctions! Definitely a winner! I hope her little friend enjoys it just as much!

The party was at one of those indoor play places so I asked her to choose an outfit which was practical for this! (had to include leggings, no long/princess dresses, dressing-ups, accessories etc!) I love what she picked out to wear – her navy/white flowery sailor dress and light green flowery short leggings (actually 12-18 month leggings which still fit her as short leggings!) .. she loves to mix up prints!

They made Nana’s card but we didn’t get the bits for her gift finished – so that means more crafty tomorrow!


  1. is that the dress from when we were little?

  2. No - it's similar though. She's outgrown that one now sadly.


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