Sunday, 23 May 2010

gaaarh! hoist the mainsail!

Right then me hearties! So we’re thinking pirate party for Oliver’s birthday this year .. I was already contemplating ideas for turning our little backyard into a pirate ship – we have steps up to the rear access gate and I was thinking we could rig up a mast with a Jolly Roger flag on top.

Then today I was watching my sheets fluttering in the wind as they hung on the line and I thought of .. sails! So I thought I’d do a test run when they were dry .. I folded a double sheet in half diagonally, pegged the top corner to the top line and the bottom corners to the bottom line .. voilà! mainsail hoisted! The flag is actually a pillowcase, I photoshopped the Jolly Roger on to see how it looks .. pretty awesome I think! I’m getting excited already!

We’re going pirating next weekend .. will post on that ..

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