Thursday, 30 September 2010

alice in wonderland party bags and favours

I made these necklaces as favours for Cyan’s Alice in Wonderland birthday party. I found the coloured aluminium chain when I was buying the charms for Oliver’s pirate dalek party. I had lots of the little key charms left over, I then found little gold heart charms – but I was having trouble finding the right charms for each necklace.

The cute little acrylic faceted teapots in all the same colours as the chains were a lucky find on ebay the week before the party! I love how they look with the chains. The necklaces fasten with a heart shaped clasp..

I was going to make some charms with pictures on, using Michele’s tutorial here using printing onto tissue paper and mod podge, my first try didn’t quite work out as I hoped, and I just didn’t have the time to do more trials. I will be playing around with this idea again though..

The party bags are made from different colours of gingham, with coordinated grosgrain ribbon handles; and a shaped felt pocket for each character. Featuring..


The Mad Hatter

The Queen of Hearts

The Cheshire Cat

The White Rabbit

The Caterpillar

I made the heart and cat bag styles back in July for the felt week of CraftShare 2010 at Sew Can Do..

The stickers I designed for each character were included.. (Thanks moo!)


And I made up colouring books – also using the John Tenniel illustrations..

Sadly I ran out of time to make the heart shaped crayons I was planning to do, luckily I had bought these cute mini gel pens as a back-up.


  1. I LOVE these bags! How creative with the use of the pirate chains for the charms! That's really thinking outside the box! The colors go perfectly, too. This whole Alice in Wonderland party must have been a blast. This was a very fun series to read. It made me want to be a little girl again, just for the day. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Hi Kenji!!!! Wow, I love it all! The bags are sooo pretty, and the chains!!!!! Excellent party idea!

    And I also wanted to thank you for visiting Casa Haus and leaving me a comment... Hope you make the jellyfish soon, let me know how it goes!

  3. Everything is so carefully coordinated and well-thought out. I insist that you should consider making this into a career. You clearly have a lot of talent for organizing parties.

  4. Hi Anji,

    You can send me those pins anytime you would like. My email link is on my blogger profile. Thanks!

  5. What an adorable party! I hope you'll stop by and share the party favor bags at the Pretty Packages Party!

  6. The bags and the bracelets and the coloring book and....all of it gorgeous. This party really was an exceptionally pretty one.

  7. I love the party favor bags because they can be taken home by guests and used for so many other things. A lot of party favors just get broken or thrown away. Yours were very nice and well thought out. The treat stands were stunning. I am trying to make something similar from a plate and vase because cake stands are hard to find in thrift stores. My favorite thing was the playing card garlands-very clever! Now that you have run out of birthdays for the year with your kids, What is next? Halloween?

  8. seriously, i cannot wait until you post what you're up to for halloween. these favors are brilliant, i love how perfectly coordinated everything is!

  9. These are the sweetest! I'm so glad you stopped by and shared these at the Pretty Packages Party!

  10. How much nicer your favors are than the standard plastic bag of candy! And what a lucky find - the cute teapots, I mean.

  11. Still checking in to see what amazing things you have created. Are you just crazy busy? Maybe you are just saving up to suprise us on Halloween.

  12. :: Tapping fingers on the desk ::

    I am waiting!

    Hope to see you back blogging again soon. I miss it.


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