Wednesday, 8 September 2010

third day of school and hair ribbon streamers

The next installment of Cyan showing off her school uniform..

Grey tunic dress paired with a white blouse with cute flower embroidery on the collar (the blouse is another of my mum’s charity shop finds)..

You can see her hair in buns with the bun covers I made last night, which almost worked.. they were just a little too small to stay put :(

Onto today’s hair accessory, this is the most simple hair accessory to make with ribbon, we have made them before with various different colours and lengths of ribbon.. so Wednesday’s hair accessory is..

Hair ribbon streamers

You will need
Assortment of lovely ribbons
Hair elastics
Sharp scissors

Cut lengths of ribbon.. for these I used 6" lengths..
(I didn’t end up using the grosgrain polka dots in the above picture, they don’t hang right, the organza and lighter weight ribbons work best)

Tie each ribbon tightly onto the hair elastic, and pull into shape.. done!

Seriously these are so easy, and little girls love them.. I kept these fairly short for school.. I have made them before with much longer lengths, so they are like proper streamers, and Cyan called them ‘princess hair ribbons’!


  1. I bet those are fun when really long.

  2. ooooo i would have died for these as a little girl! i like the assortment of green and white ribbons too... so much fun! unfortunately this is a look that i can't pull off anymore, which saddens me immensely! :(


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