Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Shutter Love Tuesdays @ Trendy Treehouse – Cyan as Alice

Cyan as Alice

ShutterLoveTuesdaysI haven’t taken part in Trendy Treehouse’s Shutter Love Tuesdays in a while, when I saw this week’s theme is Blue I immediately thought of this photo..

This is a photo I took of Cyan (named for the colour – blue) dressed as Alice in Wonderland (blue dress) back in June, when I had just finished her pinny to complete her Alice outfit.

This is one of my most favourite photos of Cyan, I tweaked it a little for Shutter Love to enhance the blues.. See the original photos here..


  1. So cute. I posted a blue photo of my daughter being Alice as well.

  2. She's the perfect Alice. Such a cute thing.

    Let's face it, if we don't post stuff about our kids, the cuteness factors in our blogs drops down dramatically. :)

  3. It is an adorable photo. What are the blue flowers in her posy?

  4. Thanks guys..
    In answer to Melissa's question - the flowers are actually purple bell flowers from our back yard - I changed the hue of them in PS to make them like the colour of bluebells for the Shutter Love Blue theme ;) You can click the link in the post to see the original photo if you like..

  5. what a great photo of Cyan as Alice. I love her Mona-Lisa-esque expression. Is she smiling, is she thinking about tea? swee-eet!


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