Wednesday, 15 September 2010

making samurai helmets and swords at the museum

As I mentioned in my last post, on Saturday we went to our local museum here in Plymouth for a Japanese themed family craft event – making card samurai swords and helmets!

There has been a series of family craft days on a Japanese theme, to tie in with the current exhibition on Japanese Sashiko Textiles. This is the first one we have been able to attend.

Instructions and materials were provided so the kids could make their own samurai helmets, and swords..

Cyan (wearing one of her new hairbands) busy cutting out the card for her helmet.. she has amazing fine motor skills for a 5 year-old..

Oliver got finished with his helmet and sword first.. Cyan spent about 20 minutes decorating hers with patterns..

The photos I took here inside the museum (without flash) didn’t come out brilliantly, but I love their poses!

I snapped this outside, waiting for our bus home afterwards..


  1. Those helmets are beautiful! I wish our museums would have more Japanese-themed events. Maybe one day I'll call all the Japanophiles in town to help me make one!

  2. How sweetly they play together. I say she has amazing fine motor skills!


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