Sunday, 26 September 2010

alice in wonderland party games

We had some fun games and activities on an Alice in Wonderland theme for Cyan’s birthday party..

Pass the teapot – I adapted the idea from The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party at Anthony House we attended earlier this year.. They passed a teapot around and when the music stopped the child holding the teapot was given a jam tart. For our version I put a prize (a cute Alice charm bracelet I made – but forgot to photograph!) inside our teapot, which was taped shut, and then the teapot was wrapped in layers of paper – so it was more like traditional pass the parcel..

Flamingo bingo – again adapted from a game played at Anthony House – picture bingo with pictures from Alice in Wonderland.. I added numbers 1-20 to the pictures and used Oliver’s bingo game to pick the numbers, when the kids had crossed off all their numbers/pictures they had to shout “flamingo!” then pick a prize..

Then we had Painting the roses red. My youngest sister Jinni kindly helped me out last week by making up all the [white] paper roses using this tutorial. I was dressed as the Queen of Hearts for the party, and I informed the kids that somebody had picked me white roses in error and they must all be painted red or it would be off with their heads! Not really of course! They all got into the spirit of it and took great delight in presenting me with their painted roses!

We put the roses outside to dry in what was left of the sunshine, so they could take them home with them at the end of the party..

They also played musical chairs which I didn’t photograph..

I realised today we didn’t get a single picture with me at the party, so I had to dress up again (Cyan was already wearing her Alice dress again!) so we could get a picture..

My only real disappointment was another activity I had planned but ran out of time to prepare – which was going to be making mad hats. I had saved a whole variety of yoghurt etc. pots which I was going to add card brims to make into hats and spray paint them as a base for the kids to decorate as they saw fit. This would have been a lot of fun..

One of Cyan’s friends gave her a balloon modelling kit as a gift, and Karl did end up making balloon hats for some of the kids – so at least there were mad hats of a sort!


  1. I would love to feature this party on my birthday blog! What creative ideas :) Let me know if that is ok.


  2. What a wonderful Mum the throw such a fabulous party! That Alice partytable with its cups and saucers looked terrific. Love the way the table was decorated and the playing card bunting too.



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